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The Thing Library's sharing economy is powered by passionate people who want to make a difference in sustainability, community and belonging in London.

Volunteers are the beating heart of our Thing Library. They dedicate their time, share their skills, and work directly with the London community. We believe there is power in sharing and that together we can build more while wasting less. If you do too, we would love to have you join the team.

We strive to find the right fit for our volunteers. There are a number of ways to be involved with the Thing Library and we hope you find the one that allows you to explore your interests, share your talents, and ultimately elevate our cause. We just ask for a minimum commitment of 3-5 hours per month over the course of 6 months (some exceptions may apply).

Below are some of the volunteer roles it will take to see our vision become a reality. If you would like to volunteer with the Thing Library, please complete the application form at the bottom of the page, or email info@thinglibrary.ca if you have any questions.

Volunteer roles

Volunteer roles fall in one of three main areas:

  • Operations
  • Programs
  • Communications


Operations Librarians

Work with the management team to assess tool donations, identify the need for repairs or replacements and costs, maintain the physical space and tool inventory itself. This important job requires a working knowledge of tools used for gardening, home repair, and/or food preparation, some experience with databases to use the MyTurn software, and the ability to lift and move objects up to 20 lb. Looking for a well-organized mentor to manage multiple tools and their usage.

Learning Librarians

Work with the management team on information management strategies. This includes library resources from the perspective of staff, member and volunteer learning and literacy services ie videos, workshops, assessing computerized cataloguing, electronic records management, multimedia services, chat software, blog and podcasting techniques, database marketing, member support (from multicultural backgrounds). Looking for an experienced or retired librarian!

Tool Doctors

Work with the Operations Librarian and Tool Donation Recruiters to check and test donated tools and returned tools, repair/rebuild tools or outsource additional servicing if needed, keep inventory in safe working order, PAT-test all electrical equipment, develop a system to record tests and schedule annual checks, develop a sustainable waste management system for out of service/unrepairable tools. Looking for DIY fixers with a strong knowledge of repair.

Tool Donation Recruiters

Work with the management team and Operations Librarian to build on our tool inventory. Connecting with people and organizations who have things to donate is the priority for this work and is integral to our library growth. Researching and recommending new things for the library will also help us expand our capacity to keep members revisiting us to try new things out. Looking for that special outgoing people-person with top-notch networking and customer relations skills.

Space and Décor Leads

Work with the management team and Communications Team to help us reach the potential for our tool library space which is incorporated into a larger community hub space. How can we make our space feel more homey and welcoming, as well as being practical, multifunctional and versatile? If you have a penchant for interior design, lighting, art, thrifting, décor, illustration, signage – especially on a budget – this could be the role for you!

Membership Coordinators

Work with the management team and Communications Team to serve as a central point of contact for members to receive excellent customer service, respond to general inquiries, process memberships, maintain membership database, observe and analyze trends and feedback to retain members, monitor and report on metrics related to membership growth. Looking for well-organized leaders to support and increase members’ involvement.

Development Directors

Work with the management team to help secure and monitor funds for our non-profit organization's operations as it grows into a social enterprise. This includes meeting face-to-face with potential donors and stakeholders to provide the case of what their contributions will achieve, planning specific events to boost fundraising initiatives, and community collaborations. Looking for organized and inspiring leaders with a proven track record of successful past projects.

Business & Community Development Manager

Work with the management team to help us obtain better brand recognition and a sustainable funding strategy. Tasks will include proposing new ideas or niches that can improve revenue, networking in the broader community for potential partner and/or sponsor opportunities, and cultivating relationships with businesses, individuals, and other relevant organizations. Looking for energetic and/or experienced Managers who are passionate about what we are working to achieve.

Volunteer Coordinators

Work with the management team to coordinate volunteers and work closely to support committees and goals, maintain policy and procedures, help identify and recruit new volunteers as needed, develop and implement training for both new volunteers and established volunteers, and serve as a resource and primary contact for volunteers. Looking for experienced individuals with strong communications and customer service skills to support volunteers.

Research Assistant

Work with the management team to support various team members as needed. This may include following up with other tool libraries for certain procedures, researching grant options and/or helping write grants, helping collect and analyze data, helping prepare interview questions and recruit interview subjects, pricing purchases of new tools, updating website materials. Looking ideally for a student co-op placement with interest in a social enterprise experience.


Workshops & Training Leads

Work with the management team, Communications /Marketing Specialist and Operations Librarian to develop training sessions and a how-to workshop series. Tasks include facilitating a weekly topic or scheduling volunteer instructors based on availability and membership demand for topics, coordinating the Setup and Pack-Up process, and monitoring registrations and feedback. Looking for special trainer/facilitators with the ability to use a variety of tools and equipment.

Workshops & Training Facilitators

Work with the Workshops/Training Lead to deliver ongoing topics on predetermined topics that relate to Thing Library themes. These will include do-it-yourself small home repairs, gardening and/or food preparation. Developing slideshows, taking photos and sourcing other visuals, such as videos will add variety to these presentations.  Looking for experienced facilitators on various topics as listed.  Someone who has worked in education, job training or marketing is a bonus.

Special Events Coordinators

Work with the management team and Communications Team in organizing in-house activities that enhance the Thing Library’s capacity to increase our visibility within London. This may include scheduling and promotion of how-to workshops, movie nights, guest speakers on Thing Library-related topics, and help with small vendor-based market events. Looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic, people person to take on this varied job.

Repair Café Organizers

Toss it, no way. A Repair Café is a free meeting space bringing people who love to repair things together with people looking for help to fix something broken. Organizers manage the event from start to finish. Tasks include coordinating the Setup and Pack-Up process, welcoming visitors, inspecting items for safety, collecting waiver and photo release forms, directing visitors to the most appropriate Fixer as available for the repair, leaving the space tidy and clean. Looking for the ultimate tool user event organizer.

Repair Café Fixers

Toss it, no way. A Repair Café is a free meeting space bringing people who love to repair things together with people looking for help to fix something broken. Either the Fixer does the repair, the Fixer and the visitor do the repair together or the visitor does the repair with the Fixer’s help. Items may include things like small appliances, electronics, clothing, jewellery, bicycles or garden tools. Looking for that handy person(s) that has the ability to troubleshoot, disassemble and repair. Let them know about us!


Community Outreach Coordinators

Work with the management team and Communications /Marketing Specialist to maintain a calendar of outreach activities, organize displays at them and staffing, coordinate a Speakers Bureau, arrange opportunities for our volunteers or staff to participate with upcoming relevant workshops, panels or appearances to increase our visibility within London. Looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic, detail-oriented person to take on this varied job.

Social Media Coordinators

Work with the management team and Communications Team to develop and post original content, suggest creative ways to attract more members and volunteers, and promote our brand. Ultimately, our goal is to increase virtual traffic and understand engagement metrics to align with broader marketing strategies. Looking for a savvy Social Media champion with a proven track record with outreach across various marketing platforms.

Communications & Marketing Specialists

Work with the management team and marketing team to monitor key metrics on membership and tool inventory to help achieve library financial goals. Tasks include key audience identifications, lead or manage outreach strategies to expand membership base, oversee promotion of member events through various platforms, input to promotional materials, act as key contact to media. Looking for marketing guru with excellent customer service skills and attitude.

Content Writers

Work with the management team and Communications Team to write and publish various pieces for our website, blog bits and newsletter along with articles for media to promote the library inventory, circular economy concepts, member profiles, interviews and issues to generate traffic and lead to more memberships. Looking for an experienced journalist type to engage and motivate audiences on local waste-free thinking and practice.

Newsletter Producers

Work with the management team and Communications Team to design and layout a monthly newsletter. Tasks include ensuring accuracy of event calendar, and written and graphic design material, reviewing any copyright restrictions, interviewing for short articles on predetermined topics, ability to edit for overall unity, coherence and deadlines. Looking for that special person with experienced research, creative writing and proofreading skills.

Graphic Designers & Illustrators

Work with the management team and Communications Team to design content for marketing and branding messages. Tasks will include design of clear, engaging graphic communications for print and the web. This may include logos, promotional items, website and social media graphics, posters, flyers, and other marketing materials as they are needed. Looking for that creative designer who is detail-oriented and thrives on multi-tasking.


Work with the management team and Communications Team to keep our inventory of photos current. Tasks include attending events, informing visitors the photo release form allows us to post photos online, and taking live action photos of Thing Library activities such as Repair cafés, special events, the tools or library itself, and participants, for our website and social media. Looking for creative individual(s) with strong photography, editing skills.

Videographers & Editors

Work with the management team and Communications Team to shoot video including audio, lighting, music, camera operation and talent directions, edit and assemble final high-quality original video product for various library projects, such as interviews, and educational or promotional videos potentially for television/broadcast, social media, web, and exhibits. Looking for a visual storyteller with demonstrated video production experience.

Web Designers & Developers

Work with the management team and Communications Team to design and build on the interface, navigation and aesthetics of our website. This will include optimizing the site for maximum speed and scalability, integrating the data feed for stats on tool usage, ensuring web and app logic is properly integrated, and the site is stable with all devices. Looking for web expertise on best practices and user needs, to communicate big ideas to our team.

Apply to Volunteer

If any of these roles sound like you, please submit your application by completing the application form below. You can also access the form using this link.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and our team will get back to you with next steps.

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested, share it on social media, and tell your friends! If you have any questions, please email info@thinglibrary.ca :) Thank you for your interest!

Please note

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a volunteer role for everyone, either immediately or in the future. If there’s not a current match for your volunteering skills, opportunities may arise later, or we may be able to direct you to another organisation. You can check our volunteer webpage any time for updated positions.