Repair Café


During this 2 hour event, we will have community members on hand who can help you with your items that need fixing. If you have a small appliance or piece of clothing or something else that needs fixing, please bring it in and have it repaired - for free :)

Thanks to our awesome team of volunteer "fixers", more than half of all the broken items that are brought in get repaired! Some of the items that have been repaired in the past are: toaster ovens, curling irons, clocks, lamps, jeans, purses, coats, chairs, radios, microwaves, etc.


  • Reimagine - Wednesday, September 28
  • Reimagine - Wednesday, October 19
  • Jalna Library Branch - Thursday, November 3 (1119 Jalna Boulevard, London ON N6E 3B3)
  • East London Branch Library - Wednesday, November 23 (2016 Dundas Street East, London ON N5Z 1R1)
  • Reimagine - Wednesday, December 7

Want to be a “fixer”?